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If you read my earlier blog post you’ll know that I have ordered a pair of original Victorian boots for wedding. They arrived in the post today! If you’re looking for vintage items I’d highly recommend 1860-1960 a website run from America. A great selection of items and my boots arrived perfectly packaged and including a little sachet of lavender.

Although the boots looked freakishly small they fit my feet perfectly. I must have smaller and more freaky feet than I realised! It seems a good sign to me that they fit so well. Like it was meant to be. They need a bit of cleaning as the white leather is dirty and I need to change the laces (they are over 100 years old after all!) but they are in great shape.

Inside the top of the boot in gold italic is printed ‘J.L. Hudson Co. Detroit’. After a bit of investigation it turns out that J.L. Hudson was the name of a department store on Woodward Avenue, Detroit.


At 25 stories, it was the world’s tallest department store, and was at one time home to the most exceptional offerings in shopping, dining, services, and entertainment. The store prided itself on stocking everything from grand pianos to spools of thread. In addition to departments offering fashionable clothing and home furnishings, the original Hudson’s store featured an auditorium, a circulating library, dining rooms, barber shops, a photo studio, holiday exhibits, a magnificent place called Toytown, and the world’s largest American flag. Strange to think it housed my boots at one time too.

If anyone knows more about the department store please get in contact!

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My fiance HATES earrings. I mean he really hates them. He says women are beautiful enough as they are and so why should they have to cover their skin with metal? He didn’t tell me this until we’d been dating for a while. I am someone who will wear nothing in my ears one day and then big gold hoop earrings the next and I hardly ever wear necklaces so jewelry is not that important to me. On my wedding day though I would like to wear something in my ears especially as they’ll be lots of close-up photographes. My fiance is fine with this as long as I ‘Please don’t pick Big dangly gold things’! Well, its lucky he says that as I’m looking for a pair of small pearl earrings for the wedding.

The only name that sprang to mind when it came to pearls was the Japanese company
Mikimoto as I know their pearls are supposed to be quite fine. I’ve seen some perfect examples on their website:

These are Akoya Pearl Earrings:

mikimoto akoya-pearl-stud-earrings-6-65mm-a-grade

And these are South Sea Pearl Earrings:


While looking for other pearl earrings on the internet I came across this adorable Oyster Charm from Tiffany that opens up to reveal a pearl inside:


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bally-shoesGot a glossy leaflet for Bally through the post and these black mens shoes with cream detail are really great and would be perfect footwear for a groom.

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I came across some super-cute ideas for vintage inspired save the dates.


credits: article from in style weddings, photos by: charles schiller

Firstly, how about sending vintage postcards as save-the-date cards. They could be based on the theme or the place you’re going to get married. I love the idea and had a little look on EBAY myself but to find 100 postcards of Long Melford where I’m getting married would be difficult and expensive (ranging from £1-£4.99 a postcard). I guess if you had time you could always hunt around in flea markets and maybe negotiate a bargain. Have a look at some of the images I found. I’m going to try and think of someway to use them.





Also something I’m not going to do myself but love the look are these handkerchiefs from
Oh So Beautiful Paper.


Such a clever idea and so pretty!

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And the most unlikeliest films! I was watching The Deer Hunter (1978) and there’s an excellent bar scene where the drinkers start singing to ‘Can’t take my eyes off of you’ (the version by Frankie Valli) playing over the jukebox. It occurred to me what a brilliant song it would make for a First Dance. My fiance and I have already picked our first dance song (I’m not telling you, it’s a secret!) but I’ll definitely make sure this makes it to the wedding reception playlist. A real feel good song!

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I came across this excellent competition at Polka Dot Bride. The website asked readers to send in their cake designs and Australian cake decorators would make their dream cake a reality. I loved looking at the imaginative designs especially as my fiance and I will have to draw something similar to design our cake. Here’s a couple of my favourites!

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Here is an idea I had initially disregarded as a pointless fad. Then I kept coming across brides that had said they’d had one and what a success it had been. I also saw pictures of how beautiful it could look. The Queen of the Candy Bar seems to be Amy Atlas. Wow, what amazing and scrummy tables she creates!

Isn’t this glorious?
I’ve seen other examples of candy buffets that look really messy. I think the key is to stick to one colour such as all white or just use a couple of colours say blue and white. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet but I’m going to start collecting unusually shaped jars. I plan to tie velvet ribbon across the top of these with old fashioned labels with the sweet names on them. For good jar inspiration and a place to buy retro sweets go to Hope and Greenwood which I’ve blogged about here.

I’ve started making a list of white sweets I could: marshmallows, sugared almonds, bon-bons, rock candy, macaroons, coconut covered sweets, sweets covered in white chocolates…any other ideas? If so post them here as I am running out of ideas!

I might put a chalkboard on the table to with ‘Sweet Love’ or ‘Life is Sweet’ or something like that written on it. Here’s my later Blog Post on all the different messages you can write.

I also have to source scoops maybe glass or metal. And small bags for guests to put the sweets in.

Here’s one last great candy table from Amy Atlas:


If candies aren’t your thing how about a jelly buffet for an unusual and fun sweet table?

wedding jelly

For MORE CANDY BUFFET PHOTOS of all different colours go here!


AND here!



For instructions on how to create this super cute pink buffet here.


How about personalising candy bars for your sweet table by wrapping them with your own wedding colours or wrappers with you and your groom’s name on them? Learn how by watching this video


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