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When I was a little girl I can remember my Italian grandmother (or Nonna as I know her form the Italian) sitting at her table surrounded by fine netting, rolls of shiny ribbon, the smallest flowers and leaves and sugar almonds. She would cut away with scissors and bind with green florist tape to make beautiful small bouquets. It wasn’t a full time job for my nonna…she was too busy feeding up us grandkids and generally fussing over us. And besides I think she would have happily made them for free and often did as it was such a pleasure for her. She’s been waiting for the moment she can make one of her grandchildrens wedding bonboniere and finally she now has a chance.


Bonboniere are Italian wedding favors. They come in all shapes and colours with different flowers and can also be used for for christenings, first communions, golden and silver anniversaries. The one thing the wedding bonboniere have in common is that traditionally they should have 5 sugared almonds. These symbolize health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life. When the bride and groom walk around the tables at the wedding breakfast they hand them out to each guest, usually from a decorated basket carried by the bride.

I love my nonna’s bonboniere but most of them were made in the 1980s and though beautiful they’re not to my taste and they wouldn’t match our wedding. So its up to my fiance and I to guide my nan and give her ideas on what we would like the bonboniere to look like. I would like to stick to the shapes that I remember my nonna creating but making them with a modern feel. No peach coloured flowers for me!


My nan is making samples for my fiance and I to look at as I write. She has about 1000 wires to twist for the almond ‘twigs’ alone! They are already looking wonderful. Will post photos of the results.

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victorian wedding

I stumbled across a new inspiration board maker called Polyvore. It allows you to create using images form the internet, trend boards very much like those you find in fashion magazines. The idea is that you can click on each of the items and you can go to the online shop where you can buy the same item. Above is my first attempt trying to create a Victorian wedding board.

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Dress up your bouquets and centerpieces with winter wedding accents such as:





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The banner my fiance and I created for our engagement party.


And the chalkboard sign above the bar!


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Portrait by Richard Nicholson

Hope and Greenwood is a sweet shop in London set up Husband-and-wife owners Miss Hope and Mr Greenwood, to celebrate British confectionery. The shop itself celebrates the by-gone era with glass jars of candy lining the walls.

It’s the perfect place to get inspiration for a retro sweets table at your wedding.

The Hope and Greenwood website even has a wedding page where you can mail order your candy. Some of the sweets come with lovely background stories which make them even more difficult not to fall for. For example here’s the Cherry Love Me Trues


There is a 19th century English tradition in which a procession of singing maidens form an arch of cherry blossom, a symbol of fertility and innocence, through which passed the available young men of the village.

‘Come hither, sweet sir
And take this cherry fine,
Love me true the live long day
My winsome Valentine!’

Or the Rosebud funbag


In days of yore it was the custom to tie a velvet pouch of rose petals under your coat to attract a lover; so, should you be feeling amorous, a bag of delicately fragranced Rosebuds nestling in your trouser pocket should make you irresistible.

They also make Strawberry swirl Lollipops which you can personalise with your names and the date of the wedding.


They’d look great on a summer fete candy buffet. Again, I turn to Amy Atlas for the ultimate in sweetie table inspiration:


1 Russell Street, Westminster, London, WC2B 5JF
Tel: 020 7240 3314
Email: misscherrylips@hopeandgreenwood.co.uk

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