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Seven Weddings has joined Twitter! It is a kind of micro blogging where you say what you want to say or share the things you want to people in just a few strokes of the keyboard – 140 characters to be precise.

I like to use the ‘search’ option on twitter which searches through what everyone is tweeting in real time. It can make fascinating reading. Here’s what a search for ‘weddings’ came up with…

  • wedding anniversary today 3 years. At work
  • Never had a wedding or honeymoon! I TOTALLY feel left out! But you can plan a nice vacation and say it’s your honeymoon!
  • I found my missing wedding /engagement rings! hurrah!
  • I can and will find a damn dress for this wedding! May the force be with me!
  • dowry not less than 3.5K probably much more, plus wedding cost at 5 star hotel, plus furnishing a flat or a house…
  • New blog post: Was Jesus Encouraging Alocolism When He Turned Water To Wine At The Wedding At Cana?

Twitter can be a great way to have conversations with fellow brides. Come and follow me at


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