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I don’t know quite how he’s managed it but as well as planning a wedding, my fiancé has just published a brilliant collection of short stories!


Go buy it now at Amazon!


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After much searching we finally found a nice church reading. My fiancé especially likes it as it mentions foxes. On Saturday he’s stepped in fox poo and so left his shoes in the shed overnight so he could sort them in the morning. When he went to look for them the next morning they were gone! We later discovered them in the garden (one on the lawn and one in a den behind a bush) – the fox had carried them there and chewed bits off them! Naughty London fox!

Song of Solomon, Chapter 2, verses 10-15

My lover spoke and said to me,
“Arise, my darling,
my beautiful one, and come with me.
See! The winter is past;
The rains are over and gone.
Flowers appear on the earth;
The season of singing has come,
The cooing of doves
Is heard in our land.
The fig-tree forms its early fruit;
The blossoming vines spread their fragrance.
Arise, come, my darling;
My beautiful one, come with me.”

My dove in the clefts of the rock,
In the hiding-places on the mountainside,
Show me your face,
Let me hear your voice;
For your voice is sweet,
And your face is lovely.
Catch for us the foxes,
The little foxes
That ruin the vineyards,
Our vineyards that are in bloom!

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These would look great in our new home – would make me giggle every time I went to bed! My fiancé has quite the facial hair at the moment so they would be the perfect pillows!

Made by Susan at Freshly Picked and found via Delightfully Sweet.

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I went back to the wedding dress shop last week for my second dress fitting. If you have read my earlier post, you will remember that I was really worried as the dress didn’t look as good as I remembered it in when I first tried it on and there were quite a few problems to solve like my bosom and creating straps for my strapless dress, as well as issues with back fat. Eck! Let’s just say I wasn’t entirely happy with the dress and got a tad concerned about it. So much so that I moved my dress fitting forward by a week and had come up with a few suggestions for the seamstress.

I loved the straps she’d made from the spare ivory ribbon on my dress. But our main concern that there was too much flesh on show at the front of my dress even with straps pulling it up. It looked too sexy and so we decided to add something to the dress to give it more height. We tried a pleated tulle. It just looked completely wrong with the dress: it seemed too hard and regimented.


We tried a little tulle bolero with it which i thought looked nice but still didn’t solve the problem of the front of the dress.

Then we tried a softer option of putting tulle which wasn’t bad but ended up looking like I was trying to hide something (which I was).


My suggestion was to match the ribbon under my bust with a ribbon at the top of the dress.


I have made another appointment for next week to see if this works after the seamstress temporarily attaches the ribbon to the dress.

I left the shop feeling much more positive about my dress!

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By Anne Bradstreet

If ever two were one, then surely we.
If ever man were lov’d by wife, then thee;
If ever wife was happy in a man,
Compare with me ye women if you can.
I prize thy love more than whole Mines of gold,
Or all the riches that the East doth hold.
My love is such that Rivers cannot quench,
Nor ought but love from thee, give recompense.
Thy love is such I can no way repay,
The heavens reward thee manifold I pray.
Then while we live, in love let’s so persevere,
That when we live no more, we may live ever.

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Finally our invitations are printed! We designed them ourselves and were really happy with the way they came out. The RSVP date was the 16th of October. We sent the invitations out on the 17th! The printer we went with didn’t tell us for a week that the paper mill who produced the card we selected had gone bust! You think he would have contacted us straight away. We thought they would be even more delayed due to all the postal strikes we’re having in the UK at the moment but thankfully most people seem to have received them already. We must be the only couple to send out the invites after the RSVP date!



The font came from a great free downloadable font site that I’ve talked about before dafont.com and the background from deviantART.

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