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By artist Terry Border


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For those of you who are curious this is my flower shop! We’ve only been open 3 weeks but its all very exciting and new (and tiring. 5 o’clock starts are not good for the bride-to-be!). This is my first time working as a florist – so far so good! Excuse the temporary sign. We’ve been so busy with other things (learning flower names, how to arrange a bouquet and so on), that we kinda forgot about our sign opps! If only I had started this business a little earlier in the year then I might have been able to do my own flowers. Still we’re going to do the church flowers as my wedding florist in Suffolk was asking a lot of money to do these. Looks like a pew end, for example, will cost us about £4-5 to make ourselves as opposed to £30!

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The postie delivered a nice parcel to me this morning: our ring bearer bowl from Paloma’s Nest.

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I’d long admired these bowls as featured on America blogs and in magazines so thought ‘why not’. Was not disappointed…its beautiful! It has already attracted admiring looks from a customer in my florist who spotted me opening the package. I went for the bowl which reads: the sun, the moon, the stars, for you.


I’m wondering what to do with it after the wedding. Framed perhaps? A place to hold jewellery? What do you think or if you’ve had your own what did you do?

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We’ve designed (OK I say ‘we’ but I mean my fiancé!) the limoncello labels for the after dinner drink my Nan (Nonna in Italian) is making for the wedding. Maybe we should have put an alcohol percentage on the label too as I’m not sure all our British guests will know just quite how strong it is!

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Film edited on the same day as the wedding and shown at the end of the wedding reception. I love seeing the bride and grooms reaction as they watch the highlights of their day so far.

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