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yellow owl

Lovely winter stamps which would be great used on a winter wedding invitation

Buy at Yellow Owl Workshop


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Yep, just call me the queen of candy buffets. I’ve collected more photo’s to make you drool in delight…

Thanks to all those who made such amazing sweetie tables and gave all us brides-to-be more eye candy!









candy buffet5



Candy Buffet1









Pretty sweets: Source


Heart scoop: Source

Clever DIY Bride suggests some very cool alternatives to the candy buffet:

★ Popcorn Bar

★ Cookie Buffet

★ Snack Bar

★ Baked Goods Bar

★ Build-An-Apple Station

★ Rice Crispy Treats

★ Ice Cream or Sundae Bar

★ S’mores Bar

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gift box

My mum has been experimenting with various boxes and bags to keep the rose petal confetti that both she and my fiancé’s mum have been drying. We tried pretty paper envelopes and cones and small cloth bags but the best idea (and the cheapest) are these little boxes. Print out the template for teeny-tiny gift boxes from Handmade (in either colour or black and white) cut out the shape and then fold together to create a cute little box to hold just enough confetti. We’re securing ours with a pretty velvet ribbon.


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If you haven’t checked out Sweet Paul you’re missing an inspiring blog. Paul is a 43 year old food and Prop stylist and generally very crafty person and his blog is full of recipes and craft projects coupled with great photography.

Here he created a cute pink candy buffet for wedding e-zine Utterly Engaged.

I still haven’t got bored of looking at sweet table pictures!

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I’ve found the first picture I want on the wall of our new home.


Screenprint by Rob Ryan

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The classic Tiffany-setting diamond engagement ring…but in acrylic. Go for clear or choose from ruby, black, pink, ivory, and bronze. At $10 its a bargain.

Spend the money you’ve saved on a ridiculously extravagant honeymoon!

Buy here

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Oh Style Me Pretty everything you feature is so beautiful and your brides are so clever! Just look at this pearl necklace that bride Stephanie made for her wedding.


Stephanie got various beads from craft shops and some clear jewellery string or fishing line.

Here’s her instructions of you want to make the necklace yourself:

“My basic philosophy in going into the necklace was that I wanted it to be eclectic and sweet- so, I stuck with jewels that matched my color scheme but still added a bit of spark every now and again. Since each strand connected to a different hook, I basically just started with one layer, and as I added more, made them slightly longer or slightly shorter to layer them one right on top of the other- After each layer I was sure to hold it up to my neck to make sure they were falling properly. If you want the necklace a bit fuller- you can add more than one strand of beads to each individual hook.

The great part about an eclectic necklace is that your strands don’t have to have even numbers and matching patterns. Each strand was unique to itself- however, it is good to continually try on the necklace and have an outside opinion to make sure it is flowing smoothly and looking good on your particular neckline. I also used this necklace as a “reception necklace”- so, I felt ok about making it a little more “fun” rather than “formal”.

I added a small chain to the back so that I could adjust the length of the necklace if desired.

I used pretty basic “necklace crafting technique” and just put in a little more time and patience to create the layers.

A helpful hint: When you tie knots at the ends when you are attaching the strands from one latch to another- after tying several knots to secure the beading- Cut off the excess clear string and use a lighter to burn the very tip of the string so that it shrivels up and creates a small lump of melted plastic. This helps to secure the knot from slipping loose as well as from creating an itchy point. Don’t get the fire too close (you only need to hold it near -not directly on)- or it will burn more than desired and snap some of the base knots as well.”

Very tempted to have a go at making this necklace if not for the wedding then to wear somewhere else. So eclectic and fun!

Thanks Stephanie and Style Me Pretty. You Rock.

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