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I had a lot of fun picking out all the flowers for the wedding. My bouquet and the bridemaids bouquet were the only ones we had made professionally. The rest of the flowers in the church and at the reception my mum made herself in a flower frenzy the night before the wedding. We probably did save money but I’m not sure my mum would agree the stress was worth it!

I would love to tell you all the flowers that were in my bouquet but to be honest I can’t remember! I asked for deep reds and dusky whites and wild flowers. I also gave the florist a strip of blue velvet fabric from my coat which she wrapped around the stems and pinned in place with pearl pins.

I asked for blue anemones for the bridesmaids bouquets. The florist was reluctant to use them as they tend to droop within a few hours of being out of water but I have to say these stayed beautiful for the whole day and looked amazing.


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I feel very lucky to have married the most handsome and caring husband any woman could wish for.

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I think I enjoyed wearing my coat as much as I enjoyed wearing my dress. At what other time are you going to get the opportunity to wear floor length blue velvet? My mother-in-law did an amazing job on the coat and I’ve heard velvet is a very tricky fabric to work with. We both had great fun going to all the fabric shops in Berwick Street in London to choose the velvet and silk for the coat. The plan is to snip the train off the coat so I can use it for special occasions. That will leave quite a lot of velvet to make something out of. What should I do with it do you think? Any suggestions?


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My future mum-in-law is amazing. Not only is she making our wedding cake, she’s also making me a wedding coat. She received the pattern from America a while back and after a few adjustments, she’s finished the mock-up of the top half of the coat. It fits like a dream – its such a pleasure and privilege having a piece of clothing made-to-measure. I can’t wait till we go shopping for the coat fabric and buttons.

She also made her beautiful medieval-inspired wedding dress herself which sits in a glass cabinet in the hallway of my fiancé’s parents home.



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Hints on how to keep those mumzilla’s happy!

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I’m looking after my parents house in Devon while they’re away on holiday – four cats, three fish, one dog and one duck to look after! All these animals make this empty house feel like a home and besides, in a couple of days, my fiancé will be arriving too.

In the meantime, I’ve been keeping myself busy: taking the dog for long walks in the forest, buying cake and flowers from the Women’s Institute, working on a wedding map (more on that later) and trawling the charity shops.

I’ve picked up some great things like these glasses for the limoncello. We’re going for a eclectic mix of old sherry glasses rather than the usual shot glass it is served in. Only 146 more to buy…!



For the candy buffet/sweet table, I also found an apothecary jar. They are surprisingly difficult to come by even in the net and I need about 4 of them. This one is way too small but gives a nice idea of what they will look like filled with sweets. Will have to keep my eyes open and my fingers crossed.


And then there were the many purchases that have nothing to do with the wedding but I thought I’d share with you.

The cherry stoner. I’d never used one before and when I tried it I was amazed at how effective it was. When I told my fiancé he said yes of course he had used one most people had and the next thing I’d been telling him about this marvellous device I’d discovered to remove screws from objects called a screwdriver! The cheek.


These cute little hammers are for breaking up toffee. I doubt I’ll ever need to break up a slab of toffee but I’m a sucker for things in miniature.


And all the wrapping made Tiger the cat very happy indeed.


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