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Heard an interview on the radio with Ellie Greenwich who died last month. She co-wrote this song and lots of famous songs from the 60s among them Be My Baby, Da Doo Ron Ron, Leader of the Pack, River Deep, Mountain High.

Listening to this makes me wedding giddy hehe!


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Ah its so sweet. Here’s the story of how Sam Chou met his wife, Jaime drawn by Sam himself.

On the night of their wedding, it was projected on a big screen for all of our guests and family.

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Some of the nicest wedding garters I’ve seen have come from Agent Provocateur. I particularly like the prettiness of this one called Cynthia. But somebody told me it was unlucky to buy your own garter for your wedding and that your bridesmaid had to do it. I’ll be emailing her over the link to the Agent Provocateur website pronto!

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I sooo want to do this for my fiancé! Gruesomely brilliant. Maybe a portrait of the two of us for the groom’s gift the morning of the wedding. Or is that just the wrong time and place?!

Hand painted at Zombie Portraits. Found on Offbeat Bride

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My future mum-in-law is amazing. Not only is she making our wedding cake, she’s also making me a wedding coat. She received the pattern from America a while back and after a few adjustments, she’s finished the mock-up of the top half of the coat. It fits like a dream – its such a pleasure and privilege having a piece of clothing made-to-measure. I can’t wait till we go shopping for the coat fabric and buttons.

She also made her beautiful medieval-inspired wedding dress herself which sits in a glass cabinet in the hallway of my fiancé’s parents home.



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This is our front page and it will open up with more info inside. The font is not quite right but you get the general idea!

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