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I think I enjoyed wearing my coat as much as I enjoyed wearing my dress. At what other time are you going to get the opportunity to wear floor length blue velvet? My mother-in-law did an amazing job on the coat and I’ve heard velvet is a very tricky fabric to work with. We both had great fun going to all the fabric shops in Berwick Street in London to choose the velvet and silk for the coat. The plan is to snip the train off the coat so I can use it for special occasions. That will leave quite a lot of velvet to make something out of. What should I do with it do you think? Any suggestions?


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I’ve found the bridesmaids dresses! And surprisingly without effort. I was hunting around for a suitable dress for the next three weddings I have to go to and I came across the perfect bridesmaid dress in Coast.


It’s a relief as most of the bridemaids dresses I’ve seen have been all too…bridesmaidy. This is long, sexy and the right shade of blue. My two oldest friends from Secondary (High) School are my bridesmaids. They’re going to look gorgeous!

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We’ve started drying rose petals to use as confetti outside the church. I love the deep reds and the vibrant blues…


Its easy to do. Just wait till your cut rose start to dry out then separate the petals onto a tray and leave them to finish drying.

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I’d like my bridesmaids to have dark blue dresses and came across this great image of many bridemaids in blue!


This is the nearest I’m found to the kind of dress I’m looking for. But since it will be winter I want to find full-length dresses otherwise I fear my bridesmaids will be as blue as their dresses!


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