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Thought those interested in having a candy table might like to have a look at everything I’ve bought for ours so far. There are links so those in the UK know where to buy items from.


Finally bought the jars for our candy table! These were the nicest ones I found and even better postage was free!

Buy them at Lytton and Lily

We’re also hiring some glass vases from our florist (A great place to look as hire was only £2.50 each vase) and displaying pies and sweets on cake stands and plates.


Five scoops from here


A couple of special heart scoops from here


Striped paper sweet bags from here

Now to buy the sweets!

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Yep, just call me the queen of candy buffets. I’ve collected more photo’s to make you drool in delight…

Thanks to all those who made such amazing sweetie tables and gave all us brides-to-be more eye candy!









candy buffet5



Candy Buffet1









Pretty sweets: Source


Heart scoop: Source

Clever DIY Bride suggests some very cool alternatives to the candy buffet:

★ Popcorn Bar

★ Cookie Buffet

★ Snack Bar

★ Baked Goods Bar

★ Build-An-Apple Station

★ Rice Crispy Treats

★ Ice Cream or Sundae Bar

★ S’mores Bar

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I’m looking after my parents house in Devon while they’re away on holiday – four cats, three fish, one dog and one duck to look after! All these animals make this empty house feel like a home and besides, in a couple of days, my fiancé will be arriving too.

In the meantime, I’ve been keeping myself busy: taking the dog for long walks in the forest, buying cake and flowers from the Women’s Institute, working on a wedding map (more on that later) and trawling the charity shops.

I’ve picked up some great things like these glasses for the limoncello. We’re going for a eclectic mix of old sherry glasses rather than the usual shot glass it is served in. Only 146 more to buy…!



For the candy buffet/sweet table, I also found an apothecary jar. They are surprisingly difficult to come by even in the net and I need about 4 of them. This one is way too small but gives a nice idea of what they will look like filled with sweets. Will have to keep my eyes open and my fingers crossed.


And then there were the many purchases that have nothing to do with the wedding but I thought I’d share with you.

The cherry stoner. I’d never used one before and when I tried it I was amazed at how effective it was. When I told my fiancé he said yes of course he had used one most people had and the next thing I’d been telling him about this marvellous device I’d discovered to remove screws from objects called a screwdriver! The cheek.


These cute little hammers are for breaking up toffee. I doubt I’ll ever need to break up a slab of toffee but I’m a sucker for things in miniature.


And all the wrapping made Tiger the cat very happy indeed.


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If you haven’t checked out Sweet Paul you’re missing an inspiring blog. Paul is a 43 year old food and Prop stylist and generally very crafty person and his blog is full of recipes and craft projects coupled with great photography.

Here he created a cute pink candy buffet for wedding e-zine Utterly Engaged.

I still haven’t got bored of looking at sweet table pictures!

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Handy video where you can learn how to wrap and personalise candy bars to make into wedding favors or for your candy buffet table.

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Ah, the eternal search for pretty glass jars for the candy buffet table. As well as scouring second hand shops I’ve been looking at places to buy jars over the internet. Here’s what I have discovered so far.


You can buy different size simple glass jars at Sweet Crazy. I particularly like the globe jar…


For cheap and attractive classic traditional sweet jars try Coloured Bottles.


A similar jar but filled with sweets is available at Treasure Island Sweets. The jar will hold approximately 800g of sweets and comes with your choice of sweets from Acid drops to Cola Fizzballs.


At The Sweet Jar of Ambleside you can personalise the jar labels with your wedding colours and your names.


My favourite jars so far are these French footed glass jars from Dibor. Perfect!

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Fancy a wibbly wobbly wedding? How about a jelly as a dessert? Or have a jelly buffet table rather than the ever popular candy buffet table?


British company Bompas & Parr create has a bespoke wedding jelly mould manufacturing service. Moulds, flavours and internal lighting are all designed to order.

As they say themselves “Wedding jellies are lighter and more refreshing than cakes. They are kinder to the stomach after a heavy meal so make it less likely for guest to fall asleep during the speeches!”. So if you have any ancient aunts inclined to take a snooze why not try jelly instead of dessert? Imagine the fun of the waiters bringing out all that wobbly jelly!

Prices start from £700 depending on scale and technical complexity.


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