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I’ve bee spring cleaning lately and trying to sort through two wardrobes of clothes and shoes. I hardly ever throw anything away so I thought it was about time to make clear some space. And with all that space what’s left to do but go and buy some new clothes (I can already hear the despairing voice of my fiancé shouting ‘Nooooo!’)?

There were lots of old clothing and shoe treasures that I’d forgotten about including these glorious gold heels I had bought in the sales years ago. I’ve never had any opportunity to wear them and it suddenly occurred to me what great wedding shoes they’d make.

I already have a pair of Victorian wedding boots that I adore but I’m going to try these shoes on with the dress just in case. Why can’t a bride have two pairs of shoes?!



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All brides-to-be soon find out just how expensive wedding dresses are. I had no idea how to budget for a dress until I started actually going to some bridal shops. If you were to believe the glossy wedding magazines, a dress is going to cost you between £2,000-£4,000. I thought that buying a ‘budget’ dress under £1,000 meant sacrificing on quality but this is just not the case. The best way to go dress shopping is to keep an open mind and shop around until you can start to notice the differences in the quality of beadwork, lace and corsetry.

One way to look for dresses is to go to online auction sites and classified sites such as Preloved which offer fantastic wedding bargains. Or head on down to your local charity shop. Oxfam have special bridal shops where you can make an appointment for a fitting. As well as donations form the public, many of their gowns have been donated by famous bridal manufacturers. Imagine finding that Pronovias dress you’ve seen in a magazine for a quarter of the price?! Just this weekend I went to a hospice charity shop in Essex and found some vintage cream kid leather elbow length gloves. They are in amazing condition with little ivory beads on the inside wrist. Whereas would I have been able to find these for £10? This article has a great list of charity shops with dedicated bridal departments in the UK.

I love routing around in vintage clothing shops and if you have the stamina you can find real treasures. This bride-to-be found her wedding dress in a used-clothing warehouse in Montreal for $5!


Or what about this for ‘Most Inventive Use of Toilet Roll’ prize? Certainly cheap – just don’t get it wet.


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It’s been difficult to explain the third colour in our colour scheme: not quite pink, not quite red, not really purple. We’ve tended to call it magenta. Walking into a accessories shop to buy something for a friends wedding I found a flower headband thats exactly the colour we’ve been trying to describe! So I bought it so when people ask what about our wedding colours instead of ummm-ing and er-ing I can just show them the flower

Its the colour we plan to use as a highlight in bridesmaids flowers and table centrepieces.



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I’ve fallen in love with another wedding dress. Its all in the details. The sheath upper body with lace detailing is beautiful and I haven’t seen it on any other dresses.




If you like the look of this dress start saving. Lace Trim Column Gown by Valentino for Pronovias. Price available upon request.



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I’d like my bridesmaids to have dark blue dresses and came across this great image of many bridemaids in blue!


This is the nearest I’m found to the kind of dress I’m looking for. But since it will be winter I want to find full-length dresses otherwise I fear my bridesmaids will be as blue as their dresses!


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Just because I love his wedding dresses. These are from the recent Spring 2010 collection. I was lucky enough to try on an Oscar de la Renta dress similar to the that worn by the model in the first image…*sigh*









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This is not my wedding dress but what a wedding dress it is! Maybe its the silk floral details. Maybe its the high neck and long sleeves. Maybe its the fact that the model looks like Grace Kelly. But I think this vintage style wedding gown by Justin Alexander is absolutely stunning.



Very sadly its not available in the UK

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