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There was one thing I knew for certain I wanted to wear at my wedding: A midnight blue velvet coat. I had a dream about this coat about 5 years ago and it was so vivid and I loved the coat so much that I wrote it down in my ideas notebook. The coat was tailored to fit my upper body and became fuller at the skirt. Outside it was a beautiful dark blue luxurious velvet and inside it had a light blue silk lining. I always dreamt of getting the coat made. So when it came to the wedding I knew this was the perfect opportunity to make my dream come true. It was impossible to find a blue coat in an ordinary shop but my fiance’s mother is a seamstress, so she generously offered to make the coat. I’ve been collecting images of what might work but haven’t decided on the final design yet. I’ve been leaning toward something slightly military or regency in style as I like the button detail.

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Top Row from Left: black velvet coat Paisley Babylon, Elizabeth Bennett in Pride & Prejudice 1980, White Bridal Coat, Unknown

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