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Cranberry and Black Palette

If you’re at the early stage in wedding planning and everything seems confusing, a good place to start is…well actually a good place to start is a glass of wine and then SECOND best place to start is by looking at wedding colours.

We quite quickly decided on colours: midnight blue, black, ivory and a dash deep pink red (cranberry). There are so many beautiful palettes to chose from though it can easily become a rainbow blur.

Say hello to The Perfect Palette, a nifty website that has created inspiration boards in just about every colour palette. It’s great fun to browse through and you can also search by colour or by themes. Below are some of the colour palettes that are labelled ‘winter’.

Midnight Blue

Slate Gray & Silver


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Wonderful wedding photos with a beautiful use of vivid colour. All by talented photographer Tec Petaja.







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It’s been difficult to explain the third colour in our colour scheme: not quite pink, not quite red, not really purple. We’ve tended to call it magenta. Walking into a accessories shop to buy something for a friends wedding I found a flower headband thats exactly the colour we’ve been trying to describe! So I bought it so when people ask what about our wedding colours instead of ummm-ing and er-ing I can just show them the flower

Its the colour we plan to use as a highlight in bridesmaids flowers and table centrepieces.



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I’ve recently discovered a addictive site called Color Hunter. It allows you to upload any picture and they will instantly work out the five main colours that make up that image. So I tried it for myself and as well as being fun it would be a good place to get inspiration for a wedding colour palette. Just upload an image that you like and see what it comes up with!

Here’s my colour palettes…

Firstly the Save-the-dates


A bridal bouquet


A winter scene


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Here is an idea I had initially disregarded as a pointless fad. Then I kept coming across brides that had said they’d had one and what a success it had been. I also saw pictures of how beautiful it could look. The Queen of the Candy Bar seems to be Amy Atlas. Wow, what amazing and scrummy tables she creates!

Isn’t this glorious?
I’ve seen other examples of candy buffets that look really messy. I think the key is to stick to one colour such as all white or just use a couple of colours say blue and white. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet but I’m going to start collecting unusually shaped jars. I plan to tie velvet ribbon across the top of these with old fashioned labels with the sweet names on them. For good jar inspiration and a place to buy retro sweets go to Hope and Greenwood which I’ve blogged about here.

I’ve started making a list of white sweets I could: marshmallows, sugared almonds, bon-bons, rock candy, macaroons, coconut covered sweets, sweets covered in white chocolates…any other ideas? If so post them here as I am running out of ideas!

I might put a chalkboard on the table to with ‘Sweet Love’ or ‘Life is Sweet’ or something like that written on it. Here’s my later Blog Post on all the different messages you can write.

I also have to source scoops maybe glass or metal. And small bags for guests to put the sweets in.

Here’s one last great candy table from Amy Atlas:


If candies aren’t your thing how about a jelly buffet for an unusual and fun sweet table?

wedding jelly

For MORE CANDY BUFFET PHOTOS of all different colours go here!


AND here!



For instructions on how to create this super cute pink buffet here.


How about personalising candy bars for your sweet table by wrapping them with your own wedding colours or wrappers with you and your groom’s name on them? Learn how by watching this video


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