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I went back to the wedding dress shop last week for my second dress fitting. If you have read my earlier post, you will remember that I was really worried as the dress didn’t look as good as I remembered it in when I first tried it on and there were quite a few problems to solve like my bosom and creating straps for my strapless dress, as well as issues with back fat. Eck! Let’s just say I wasn’t entirely happy with the dress and got a tad concerned about it. So much so that I moved my dress fitting forward by a week and had come up with a few suggestions for the seamstress.

I loved the straps she’d made from the spare ivory ribbon on my dress. But our main concern that there was too much flesh on show at the front of my dress even with straps pulling it up. It looked too sexy and so we decided to add something to the dress to give it more height. We tried a pleated tulle. It just looked completely wrong with the dress: it seemed too hard and regimented.


We tried a little tulle bolero with it which i thought looked nice but still didn’t solve the problem of the front of the dress.

Then we tried a softer option of putting tulle which wasn’t bad but ended up looking like I was trying to hide something (which I was).


My suggestion was to match the ribbon under my bust with a ribbon at the top of the dress.


I have made another appointment for next week to see if this works after the seamstress temporarily attaches the ribbon to the dress.

I left the shop feeling much more positive about my dress!


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