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Bit of a random picture taken with my mums phone when I wasn’t expecting it, but it shows how we adapted the side of front of the dress. If you have read my earlier posts here and here, you’ll know I was worried about an over abundance of boobage. No longer! The clever spaghetti straps pull the dress up and give more support but are made pretty and soft with lots of tulle to make a cap sleeve. We added ribbon to the top of the dress for more coverage and used the same colour satin that is under the bust of my dress so it looks as if it were mean to be there.

Haven’t put any other photos here as don’t want to give it ALL away (hehe!) but am so incredibly happy with my dress and all the alternations mean its beyond what I had imagined.

So don’t lose hope if your dress needs some tweeking! It’ll all work out in the end promise!

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I’m not sure what I think about these Christian Louboutin flat shoes. I’ve never been a fan of patent leather and these seem at times garish and then quite chic.

But one things for sure, if shoes could speak these would say ‘take me on honeymoon to Paris please’.

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I like the idea of our ushers wearing some cool socks at the wedding.

The argyle sock looks quite sophisticated…







Or stripes in different colours…



Or to match the brides shoes…



I like the idea of a floral pattern so I headed over to Paul Smith in Covent Garden – he has a great slecetion of socks. Here’s some that might do the job.

New photos450

New photos452

New photos451

This idea isn’t a recent one. Look at this photo from an 80s wedding I found. Flash those sports socks!



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I’ve been looking for back-up emergency flats for the wedding just in case my boots become uncomfortable later in the night. I’d been looking for bridal or ivory shoes to go with the dress but didn’t see any I liked. Then it came to me: why don’t I wear some coloured shoes? Then I realised I could get dark blue velvet shoes that will tie in with my coat, my bouquet, the church pew ribbons and everywhere else we’ve used velvet.

Miu miu has a beautiful pair of blue velvet flats with a lovely bow at the front. Droooooool!


miu miu

Buy at Miu miu

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paul smith

These cufflinks would be perfect as a groom’s gift on the morning of the wedding. Find them at Paul Smith

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Some of the nicest wedding garters I’ve seen have come from Agent Provocateur. I particularly like the prettiness of this one called Cynthia. But somebody told me it was unlucky to buy your own garter for your wedding and that your bridesmaid had to do it. I’ll be emailing her over the link to the Agent Provocateur website pronto!

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