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I don’t know quite how he’s managed it but as well as planning a wedding, my fiancé has just published a brilliant collection of short stories!


Go buy it now at Amazon!

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Sleeping in Montreal airport while we waited for the next flight. When I saw the advert above the bench he was sleeping on I had to take the picture!

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So I was walking down a cobbled alleyway on a mission to find a knife when I found my wedding ring. Camden Passage is a street in London’s Islington district lined with antique shops. I love the thrill of walking through there on a Saturday morning never knowing what I’m going to come across. Last week I bought a giant golden walnut-shaped nut cracker.

The knife or knives in question were a set of mother of pearl cheese knives for my friends parents 30th wedding anniversary. While we were browsing through shop windows, I spied a wishbone shaped ring surrounded by kitsch rings and bracelets. The woman in the shop said it was not the kind of thing she normally stocked in her shop, she being more interested in quirky retro treasures. I tried it on with my engagement ring and it was perfect. It seemed as though the two rings were meant to go together. I hadn’t planned to buy a ring with diamonds but its very pretty and I couldn’t resist the sparkles!

My fiancé was busy and I didn’t want to buy the ring without him seeing it and so I have left it behind until we can both go to the shop together to have a look and (hopefully) buy the ring!


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My fiancé and I went to a Big Department Store in the West End to look for our wedding rings. We’re still both unsure of what we want so this seemed like a good place to start. The lady at the jewellery counter thought I might have to get a bespoke ring made as my engagement ring is an unusual shape – I think its called a crossover ring. I found a photo on the net that’s quite similar to my own ring:


So I need to look for a ring that will fit…or get one made but that seems like it might be a bit of a hassle. Are any of you thinking or have had your wedding rings made?

Did see some lovely rings on the Green Wedding Shoes blog earlier in the week. Wouldn’t fit my ring at all though! But beautiful nevertheless. I thought the unusual groom’s ring with a plant design might be something my fiancé would like:


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Wow, time has gone so quickly! Its seems only yesterday that we were celebrating being engaged. Now its three months to go and still lots to organise: have to book florist, band, send out invites, buy rings, arrange transport and so on. AND find a house for us to move into after the wedding! Phew, I feel as bewildered as the little girl in the photo sometimes but its always fun.

Today I had a call from the bridal shop to say my dress had been delivered! Can’t wait to try it on again. That’ll definitely be the first item on my list of things to do.

Ready. Steady. Go!

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Everyone seems to be doing it and initially both my fiancé and I dismissed the phenomenon of the wedding website as a fad. But for other friends wedding I have found myself using their wedding websites to find the location of the wedding, accommodation recommendation and the link to the gift list. It is a handy place to store lots of important information for the wedding so we decided to create a simple site for ourselves.

There are many free wedding website sites with ready made templates which make it easy to set up a site without too much fiddling.

We wanted to make our website a little more personal and so a friend had recommended iWeb to me. Since neither my fiancé and I are technical people I was a bit worried that it would be too tricky and too much effort to get to grips with designing a website. But though I don’t want to sound like an Apple representative, with iWeb it is so easy! It is literally a case of experimenting for a bit and then you just load a template and drag photos onto the page, type your info, choose your font etc. How much you manipulate and personalise the website is up to you.

This is a little preview of part of our website – a work in progress.


There is a fantastic step by step guide on how to create a wedding website using iWeb by Mrs. Cupcake on Wedding Bee.

Also here is how one bride created her own website after reading the how-to on Wedding Bee.


There are some great example of wedding websites out there to give you ideas for your own site







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Woooooo-Hooooooooo! My fiancé and I found a groom’s outfit we both love! This was no easy task I can tell you. We just couldn’t agree on what looked best. Then we came across across this photo and both of us thought it was perfect. After a bit of hunting I found out that the suit is made by German company Wilvorst. We went to a London shop that stocks the suits to try one on and it looked great. The only thing left to do is pick out a fabric for the waistcoat and voilà – one perfectly suited groom!

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