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It may be scorching hot outside but I couldn’t resist showing you these photos of cupcakes I found. Wouldn’t they be perfect for a winter wedding?




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If you haven’t checked out Sweet Paul you’re missing an inspiring blog. Paul is a 43 year old food and Prop stylist and generally very crafty person and his blog is full of recipes and craft projects coupled with great photography.

Here he created a cute pink candy buffet for wedding e-zine Utterly Engaged.

I still haven’t got bored of looking at sweet table pictures!

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I love this idea. So personal and so clever.

Here’s the bride:

“I want to have a way to honour my grandma at my wedding since she will be unable to travel to attend. When I was little we always baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies together. So I figured that would be a good way to reminisce about her at my wedding. We will be having some favors containing the ingredients for the cookies so that people can try out my grandma’s special recipe after the wedding.”

Find the recipe and more at Vintage Glam Wedding

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The inspiration for our wedding cake was a walk through the countryside on a winter’s day.

Here’s some pictures I took from a New Years trip to the Cotswold’s.


We’d like the bottom tier of our cake to be made up of the kind of frost covered plants, berries and thorns that you find at wintertime. My fiancé’s mother who’s making our cake has been creating some examples out of icing. I think they’re great especially the Tim Burton inspired thorns! The decorations will be made of different shades of blue, black and a little red – it looks very dramatic against the white icing of the cake.



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My Italian grandmother has been making Limoncello for the wedding – a strong, alcoholic, Italian drink served after a meal to aid digestion…and get you quite tipsy. My Nan makes a great Limoncello. We’re going to put bottles on the tables for people to help themselves though my fiancé thinks this might be a mistake as people might not realise how strong it is (you should only sip, not down, a small glass full). Hopefully the word will spread on the dangers of Limoncello before the whole of Suffolk is inebriated and singing ‘Volare’!

We found the bottles to decant the Limoncello into. They’re French lemonade bottles, so we’re going to drink the fizzy stuff and then replace with the bright yellow Italian alcoholic stuff.



The plan is to soak off the labels and create our own labels to put on the bottles. If you search there’s lots of examples of people doing exactly that:

Limoncello Label

What a great name! Boozy Bambino (Which basically means drunk kid!) Limoncello labels here


1950s-esque labels from here


Cute birdy labels from here


I love these traditional Italian labels

The lovely tight stopper means there hopefully won’t be too many spillages…


Oh, and if you want the recipe for Nonna’s Limoncello, post a reply and I will get the recipe up on here!

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I picked these two 1950s glasses in my local charity shop. Sooo sweet! Wouldn’t really work with the style of wedding we’re having but I thought they’d be cute for the rehearsal dinner.


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Today is the 25th anniversary of Tetris. To celebrate here are a selection of wedding cakes made out of pure geek!


It was given to a Tetris fan by his sister and friends who left spaces so that he would have to solve the puzzle before cutting the cake. Very sweet!
More Here


A giant console! Apparently the groom is a big Nintendo fan…would never have guessed!

Of course its not just the grooms who love their games consoles…


Sometimes the couple love of computers equals their love for each other. The bride and grooms here have decided to go for traditional cakes with geek-inspired wedding toppers


photo credit


photo credit

Do you prefer paper to LCD? Snail mail to email? You wordy couples shouldn’t feel left out. There’s a wedding cake for all the types of geeks out there.


Get the cake here

This wedding cake inspired by the Discworld series of books by Terry Pratchett is incredible.


Kudos to the bride’s mum who made it.

My fiancé loves Star Wars. I wouldn’t let him have an ewok village wedding cake though.


There were 50 small chocolate cakes to serve as Ewok huts. Hans Solo and Princess Leia are on the bridge of the cake. The bride writes: “Mr. Hum was insistent on Han holding his blaster so he picked some fresh wildflowers from his father’s backyard for Leia to hold. Plus, he made the Ewoks all do silly celebratory dances which totally made me smile.” I love it!


The cutest geek cake ever?



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