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I feel very lucky to have married the most handsome and caring husband any woman could wish for.


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We’ve bought my fiancé’s ring!


We went ring hunting in Hatton Garden a street in London full of jewellery shops. I wasn’t prepared for how many there were (too much choice!) and how expensive they’d be! The key to buying jewellery there is not to be afraid to haggle. We knocked a third off the price of the ring we bought.

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Two Brothers

My brothers seem pretty happy with their ushers outfits…!

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The postie delivered a nice parcel to me this morning: our ring bearer bowl from Paloma’s Nest.

New photos520

I’d long admired these bowls as featured on America blogs and in magazines so thought ‘why not’. Was not disappointed…its beautiful! It has already attracted admiring looks from a customer in my florist who spotted me opening the package. I went for the bowl which reads: the sun, the moon, the stars, for you.


I’m wondering what to do with it after the wedding. Framed perhaps? A place to hold jewellery? What do you think or if you’ve had your own what did you do?

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Film edited on the same day as the wedding and shown at the end of the wedding reception. I love seeing the bride and grooms reaction as they watch the highlights of their day so far.

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We went to one of my good friends weddings on Saturday. It was the last wedding before our own in November and all the more poignant for it. When we danced, we imagined dancing at our own wedding and when the bride walked into the church, I imagined all the nerves and excitement of walking up the aisle.

At the end of the night the bride came up to me and gave me her bouquet as I was the next to get married. I was very touched.

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