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Wow, you ain’t seen nothing yet till you’ve seen a Japanese wedding bouquet.

Some of the styles are so unusual and beautiful. And some are over the top but there are some great ideas here if they were simplified.









See more of these amazing bouquets and dresses at Japanese website HK-Wedding


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All brides-to-be soon find out just how expensive wedding dresses are. I had no idea how to budget for a dress until I started actually going to some bridal shops. If you were to believe the glossy wedding magazines, a dress is going to cost you between £2,000-£4,000. I thought that buying a ‘budget’ dress under £1,000 meant sacrificing on quality but this is just not the case. The best way to go dress shopping is to keep an open mind and shop around until you can start to notice the differences in the quality of beadwork, lace and corsetry.

One way to look for dresses is to go to online auction sites and classified sites such as Preloved which offer fantastic wedding bargains. Or head on down to your local charity shop. Oxfam have special bridal shops where you can make an appointment for a fitting. As well as donations form the public, many of their gowns have been donated by famous bridal manufacturers. Imagine finding that Pronovias dress you’ve seen in a magazine for a quarter of the price?! Just this weekend I went to a hospice charity shop in Essex and found some vintage cream kid leather elbow length gloves. They are in amazing condition with little ivory beads on the inside wrist. Whereas would I have been able to find these for £10? This article has a great list of charity shops with dedicated bridal departments in the UK.

I love routing around in vintage clothing shops and if you have the stamina you can find real treasures. This bride-to-be found her wedding dress in a used-clothing warehouse in Montreal for $5!


Or what about this for ‘Most Inventive Use of Toilet Roll’ prize? Certainly cheap – just don’t get it wet.


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Today is the 25th anniversary of Tetris. To celebrate here are a selection of wedding cakes made out of pure geek!


It was given to a Tetris fan by his sister and friends who left spaces so that he would have to solve the puzzle before cutting the cake. Very sweet!
More Here


A giant console! Apparently the groom is a big Nintendo fan…would never have guessed!

Of course its not just the grooms who love their games consoles…


Sometimes the couple love of computers equals their love for each other. The bride and grooms here have decided to go for traditional cakes with geek-inspired wedding toppers


photo credit


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Do you prefer paper to LCD? Snail mail to email? You wordy couples shouldn’t feel left out. There’s a wedding cake for all the types of geeks out there.


Get the cake here

This wedding cake inspired by the Discworld series of books by Terry Pratchett is incredible.


Kudos to the bride’s mum who made it.

My fiancé loves Star Wars. I wouldn’t let him have an ewok village wedding cake though.


There were 50 small chocolate cakes to serve as Ewok huts. Hans Solo and Princess Leia are on the bridge of the cake. The bride writes: “Mr. Hum was insistent on Han holding his blaster so he picked some fresh wildflowers from his father’s backyard for Leia to hold. Plus, he made the Ewoks all do silly celebratory dances which totally made me smile.” I love it!


The cutest geek cake ever?



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Photo by Edwin Ho

Great idea from Rachel Ray’s webisite;

There’s no reason to hide your mismatched stemware in the back of the cabinet anymore! With just a few flips of the glass, designer Annie Selke—owner of home furnishings company Pine Cone Hill (pineconehill.com)—created a modern candle-and-flower arrangement that we’re just crazy about for an outdoor warm-weather wedding. Her idea: Place your goblets upside down on a table, tuck large blooms underneath and top with colorful votives. It may only take a few seconds to pull together, but the elegant impact will last all night.

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Our first draft drawing of what we would like our wedding cake to look like.

There are plants, leaves and berries on the bottom teir all covered in frost and these trail up the cake, each tier becoming more plain as it goes up. The last tier is topped with two black roses.

My fiance sketched stripes on the middle tier but I’m not so sure about this. And we’re both still undecided on whether or not to have a bride and groom topper.

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