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We’ve bought my fiancé’s ring!


We went ring hunting in Hatton Garden a street in London full of jewellery shops. I wasn’t prepared for how many there were (too much choice!) and how expensive they’d be! The key to buying jewellery there is not to be afraid to haggle. We knocked a third off the price of the ring we bought.

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So I was walking down a cobbled alleyway on a mission to find a knife when I found my wedding ring. Camden Passage is a street in London’s Islington district lined with antique shops. I love the thrill of walking through there on a Saturday morning never knowing what I’m going to come across. Last week I bought a giant golden walnut-shaped nut cracker.

The knife or knives in question were a set of mother of pearl cheese knives for my friends parents 30th wedding anniversary. While we were browsing through shop windows, I spied a wishbone shaped ring surrounded by kitsch rings and bracelets. The woman in the shop said it was not the kind of thing she normally stocked in her shop, she being more interested in quirky retro treasures. I tried it on with my engagement ring and it was perfect. It seemed as though the two rings were meant to go together. I hadn’t planned to buy a ring with diamonds but its very pretty and I couldn’t resist the sparkles!

My fiancé was busy and I didn’t want to buy the ring without him seeing it and so I have left it behind until we can both go to the shop together to have a look and (hopefully) buy the ring!


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My fiancé and I went to a Big Department Store in the West End to look for our wedding rings. We’re still both unsure of what we want so this seemed like a good place to start. The lady at the jewellery counter thought I might have to get a bespoke ring made as my engagement ring is an unusual shape – I think its called a crossover ring. I found a photo on the net that’s quite similar to my own ring:


So I need to look for a ring that will fit…or get one made but that seems like it might be a bit of a hassle. Are any of you thinking or have had your wedding rings made?

Did see some lovely rings on the Green Wedding Shoes blog earlier in the week. Wouldn’t fit my ring at all though! But beautiful nevertheless. I thought the unusual groom’s ring with a plant design might be something my fiancé would like:


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These are the nearest thing I’ve seen so far to what I’d like my wedding ring to look like.

From St Kilda Jewelry via little winter bride

We’d both like to have something engraved inside the ring, perhaps the date of the wedding or a quote that is personal to us. I joked with my fiancé that we should have ‘Steal this ring and I will send Jack Bauer to kick your ass’ – I have that inscribed on the back of my ipod!

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The classic Tiffany-setting diamond engagement ring…but in acrylic. Go for clear or choose from ruby, black, pink, ivory, and bronze. At $10 its a bargain.

Spend the money you’ve saved on a ridiculously extravagant honeymoon!

Buy here

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