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Rosemarie and Lawrence had what looks like a really fun wedding party. Glow sticks and pink wigs – what’s not to love? Great photos by Jerry Yoon







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Handy video where you can learn how to wrap and personalise candy bars to make into wedding favors or for your candy buffet table.

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Here’s a game to play at a Hen weekend. Much more fun than pinning the tail on the donkey!

The best game I’ve played at a Hen weekend has been a Mr & Mrs type game or How well does the bride know the groom. Before the hen party, the bridemaids ask the groom a series of personal questions. At the hen party the Hen is asked the questions and if she gives the same answer, then she nominates someone to drink a shot or do a forfeit, if she gets it wrong then its her that has to do the forfeit or drink. The questions can be as naughty or as innocent as you like!

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On a sunny but windy weekend a couple of weeks ago my fiance and I went arrived in Bedfordshire for a friends wedding. Luton Hoo is a grand house north of London near Luton airport and a beautifully ornate and grand building. Designed in 1767 by Robert Adam with Capability Brown landscaping the magnificent gardens. The house has appeared in many films from Four Weddings and a Funeral to Eyes Wide Shut and has even played host to the Queen. And today we’re its guests! Luton Hoo is open for afternoon tea and we had to shimmy past tables and sofas where people were enjoying their cucumber sandwiches to take our group pictures on the lawn.

Here is the room where the ceremony took place. The bride had a blue theme running throughout with blue bows on chairs and flowergirls scattering blue rose petals.



Each table was named after a place in New York as it was the city where the couple got engaged (in Central Park…very romantic!).


I loved the scattered love hearts on the tables. They made for much tipsy fun later on in the afternoon!


The sticky toffee pudding dessert was one of the bets I’ve EVER eaten…


…as you can tell I enjoyed it!


Each table had tall glass centrepieces.


The wedding breakfast was in a former chapel and we were surrounded by amazing stained glass and plainted murals.


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Great idea from Victoria Brewer & Bill Brazell’s wedding in New York magazine. I used to play with these in primary school and love the way they’ve adapted them into something playful but good-looking

Victoria says:

“We got customized ‘cootie-catchers’ and filled them with questions we often get asked, like, ‘How tall is Bill? Six-feet-six. The Yankees or the Mets? The Red Sox …’ and so on. We thought they’d be fun conversation starters, so we scattered them on all the tables.”

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This Easter weekend I had the great pleasure of going to a good friend’s wedding celebrations (the first of my seven!). She had got married in Finland the previous week and this Saturday she had a celebration for family and friends in Gloucestershire. We all had so much fun and I wanted to share some details of their beautiful spring wedding.

Daffodils and tulips filled enamel pots and Finnish glass jars in her parents barn.



The Bride and Groom met while working at sea so each table was decorated with very adorable child’s drawings of boats and sea creatures.




Kids were encourage to dress up as something to do with the sea. There were lots of piartes, sailors, mermaids and, my favourite, an unbelievably cute baby dressed in a shrimp costume!


Ahhhhhh! It was a perfect wedding reception. Congrats to the happy couple!


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