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By artist Terry Border

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My Mum dug through the many cardboard boxes in the attic to find her wedding photo album. We’re looking for a potential picture for the family tree project. Neither my Mum nor I had looked at this album in a long time and it was great to go through the photographs together and share her memories. The photos are lovely and very, VERY Seventies!


This is the church where they got married with my mum and dad’s heads floating above the altar (I will not be asking our photographer to use a similar effect!).

My mum was a beautiful bride.



Mum says she still has the cake topper somewhere.



My Dad loks pretty grumpy in a lot of the photos. Mum says that was because he had had his stag night the evening before the wedding and was feeling a little ill the next day. For ‘ill’ read hungover!



I had to include this. I think its a fantastic photo maybe the epitome of a 1970s wedding: The huge glasses, the hair, Dad’s face imposed on my mother’s silhouette.

Love you Mum and Dad! Here’s to 30 years of marriage and 30 years more!


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If you’re thinking of a sweet way of celebrating your families on your wedding day then look no further!



Great idea from Jesse and Deanna’s wedding.

“We wanted to do something to honour our parents’ and grandparents’ weddings and although I loved the images of other weddings with tables filled with framed photos, I’m kind of obsessed with garlands.

To make these, we scanned in each wedding photo (or a photo of each couple from around the time that got married if they didn’t have formal wedding photos taken), cropped them, transformed them all into black and white files, and printed them on glossy photo paper. We then designed the frames in Photoshop and added name plates so that all of our guests would know who they were looking at. We printed the frames on cream card stock and cut out ovals with an exacto knife. We folded the frames in half like a top-folding greeting card and taped the photos to the interior with double-sided tape. We made two loops out of thin rectangles of card stock which we glued to the back of each frame and then threaded pink ribbon through. Since we weren’t allowed to nail or tape anything to the walls of our reception site, we tied the ribbon ends to two lamps that were jutting out from the wall above our beverage table.”

Or how about this layout with photos? Can’t remember the source unfortunately but love the way it looks


I haven’t said much on this blog about the look for the reception but what we what the room to have the feel of an enchanted forest …or something along those lines! My fiancé’s creative Dad is making tree trucks to frame the entrance to the room. I thought it might be a nice idea to copy the wedding photographs of our families, write details of who’s in the picture and wedding dates on the back, laminate them, punch a hole on the top and then attach them to the branches of the tree with ribbon. A REAL family tree!


This is a great idea too from design company Melangerie via Junebug

You could design a traditional family tree in your wedding colours to display to guests or even better how about a wedding guest tree which maps out all of your friends, family and wedding party and how they’re related to you and your fiancé?

I mentioned this idea to my fiancé and he said that Adrian Mole, the hero from Sue Townsend’s series of books, had also drawn his own friends and family tree:


Now I just have to route around for photos of our families weddings…wonder how far back through the generations we can go through?

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