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Wow, time has gone so quickly! Its seems only yesterday that we were celebrating being engaged. Now its three months to go and still lots to organise: have to book florist, band, send out invites, buy rings, arrange transport and so on. AND find a house for us to move into after the wedding! Phew, I feel as bewildered as the little girl in the photo sometimes but its always fun.

Today I had a call from the bridal shop to say my dress had been delivered! Can’t wait to try it on again. That’ll definitely be the first item on my list of things to do.

Ready. Steady. Go!


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Yep, just call me the queen of candy buffets. I’ve collected more photo’s to make you drool in delight…

Thanks to all those who made such amazing sweetie tables and gave all us brides-to-be more eye candy!









candy buffet5



Candy Buffet1









Pretty sweets: Source


Heart scoop: Source

Clever DIY Bride suggests some very cool alternatives to the candy buffet:

★ Popcorn Bar

★ Cookie Buffet

★ Snack Bar

★ Baked Goods Bar

★ Build-An-Apple Station

★ Rice Crispy Treats

★ Ice Cream or Sundae Bar

★ S’mores Bar

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This couple, who are both professional singers, performed barbershop song “Didn’t Want To Fall” at their wedding reception in front of family and friends. My fiancé has said he might sing something for me at the wedding…

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Handy video where you can learn how to wrap and personalise candy bars to make into wedding favors or for your candy buffet table.

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If you’re thinking of a sweet way of celebrating your families on your wedding day then look no further!



Great idea from Jesse and Deanna’s wedding.

“We wanted to do something to honour our parents’ and grandparents’ weddings and although I loved the images of other weddings with tables filled with framed photos, I’m kind of obsessed with garlands.

To make these, we scanned in each wedding photo (or a photo of each couple from around the time that got married if they didn’t have formal wedding photos taken), cropped them, transformed them all into black and white files, and printed them on glossy photo paper. We then designed the frames in Photoshop and added name plates so that all of our guests would know who they were looking at. We printed the frames on cream card stock and cut out ovals with an exacto knife. We folded the frames in half like a top-folding greeting card and taped the photos to the interior with double-sided tape. We made two loops out of thin rectangles of card stock which we glued to the back of each frame and then threaded pink ribbon through. Since we weren’t allowed to nail or tape anything to the walls of our reception site, we tied the ribbon ends to two lamps that were jutting out from the wall above our beverage table.”

Or how about this layout with photos? Can’t remember the source unfortunately but love the way it looks


I haven’t said much on this blog about the look for the reception but what we what the room to have the feel of an enchanted forest …or something along those lines! My fiancé’s creative Dad is making tree trucks to frame the entrance to the room. I thought it might be a nice idea to copy the wedding photographs of our families, write details of who’s in the picture and wedding dates on the back, laminate them, punch a hole on the top and then attach them to the branches of the tree with ribbon. A REAL family tree!


This is a great idea too from design company Melangerie via Junebug

You could design a traditional family tree in your wedding colours to display to guests or even better how about a wedding guest tree which maps out all of your friends, family and wedding party and how they’re related to you and your fiancé?

I mentioned this idea to my fiancé and he said that Adrian Mole, the hero from Sue Townsend’s series of books, had also drawn his own friends and family tree:


Now I just have to route around for photos of our families weddings…wonder how far back through the generations we can go through?

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As an extra to my previous blog entry on sweetie tables here’s some more inspiration.

Just because brides-to-be can’t get enough of pretty candy bar pictures!


Photo Credit: Sarah K Chen Photography


Photo Credit: Sarah K Chen Photography


Photo Credit: Kim Fox Photography


Photo Credit: Rebecca Thuss


Photo Credit: Rebecca Thuss


Photo Credit: Rebecca Thuss


Photo Credit: Martha Stewart Weddings


Featured on Style Me Pretty, Photos by Cheri Pearl, Designed by Oh How Charming


Featured on Ashley’s Bride Guide


Featured on Wedding Bee



Featured on The Lavender Lily


Featured on Bride.ca


Featured on Style Me Pretty


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Only by chance did I come across the phenomenon of video wedding invitations. It had never occurred to me that a wedding invite would be anything but paper and card. When you start thinking about the idea of a video invite you realise a great idea. They are quite practical as you can have separate DVD menus for different pieces of info such as how to get there, contact details etc. Its nice for the guests to hear your ‘real’ voice. And its a great opportunity to be inventive. Also the video can provide wedding guests with a lasting memento of the occasion.

I cannot even begin to imagine how long this first invite took to create. Truly a one-off!

Or have the both of you talk to camera. This video strikes just the right tone…

Or how about a invitation in the style of a black and white silent movie?

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