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The Victorian boots I bought were really scuffed so I scoured the internet to find London’s best cobbler (no easy task). I went to one of those recommended and he examined my boots and then told me that the leather itself had discoloured and the only way to get them white or cream was to paint over them! It seemed obscene to me to paint over 100 year old leather so I went to another cobblers to get a second opinion. It happened to be just around the corner from where I was living at the time and I’d read that they mended shoes sent to them by the major fashion houses. They took my boots promising to clean them but with no guarantee as to how they’d turn out. A nerve-tingling week later I went to collect them and hurrah they were like new!

They were one of my favourite things to wear at the wedding (and super comfortable) and I was so glad we managed to resurrect these beautiful boots.


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Ah my boots! From the beginning I had decided not to wear traditional shoes although there are so many beautiful examples about such as these Christian Louboutin or these. And who says that the shoes have to be conventional?

I decided I wanted white leather boots – neat and perfectly formed and perfect for a winter wedding. Initial research on the net soon proved that finding these boots would be difficult. There were satin examples and cowboy boots but nothing that I liked. Then I found the perfect example on an American vintage clothing website. They are exactly what I’m looking for: white, leather, elegant, lace-up and I love the fact that they have some history to them. They are Victorian era boots from around 1900 and were originally wedding boots. I’d love to know what the Victorian bride who wore them looked like and how surprised she’d be to think a bride in the 21st Century would be wearing them.

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