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It may be scorching hot outside but I couldn’t resist showing you these photos of cupcakes I found. Wouldn’t they be perfect for a winter wedding?




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The inspiration for our wedding cake was a walk through the countryside on a winter’s day.

Here’s some pictures I took from a New Years trip to the Cotswold’s.


We’d like the bottom tier of our cake to be made up of the kind of frost covered plants, berries and thorns that you find at wintertime. My fiancé’s mother who’s making our cake has been creating some examples out of icing. I think they’re great especially the Tim Burton inspired thorns! The decorations will be made of different shades of blue, black and a little red – it looks very dramatic against the white icing of the cake.



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Organising your Hen night? Or just can’t get enough of the wedding stuff? Then how about this as an idea: a wedding reception set in a club.

This club night asks everyone to come in wedding garb from taffeta bridesmaids dresses to a big poofy wedding dress or even just wearing a dodgy mother-of-the-bride hat. The venues decorated in pink balloons and doilies and the DJs- including one called Otis Wedding – play a mix of cheesy tracks to shake your wedding butt to.


There’s a dressing-up box and photo booth with lots of brilliantly bad-taste wedding outfits to try on which are then posted on the internet so you can have a lasting reminder of your ‘big day’…



You might even get a proposal out of it?!




The free champagne on entry and what wedding reception would be complete without the buffet. Lots of wedding cake, mini sausage rolls, cheese sarnies and Wotsits galore.


The next White Wedding is on the 20th June in Tufnell Park, London. I think it sounds like great fun and might be good practice for the real event!


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Hehe, so true!!

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I came across this wedding by accident on wedding planner Fiona Leahy’s website.

Soon as I saw the first picture I loved the decadent feel of this wedding reception. The first thing that caught my eye were the grapes in the centrepieces. I love the idea of fruit and flower displays. As well as grapes, the displays were made of fronds of Amaranthus (also know as love lies bleeding – what a great name!) and 4,000 roses.



Turns out these were photos from Marilyn Manson and Dita von Teese’s wedding in 2005. Its great when you see wedding reception and can clearly see the couple’s personalities shining through, which it clearly does here.

Dita von Teese’s wedding dress was an amazing Vivienne Westwood dress in royal purple silk taffeta with tri-corn hat designed by Stephen Jones.


Beautiful wedding cake too.


And I would like to steal these goblets for my own wedding…



When I’ve been getting dressed to go to a wedding, I’ve often stressed over whether its OK to wear black or not so I love this quote from Dita von Teese:

“Everybody asks me, ‘Can I wear black? I said: ‘Of course you can wear black. Whose wedding do you think you’re going to?”


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Today is the 25th anniversary of Tetris. To celebrate here are a selection of wedding cakes made out of pure geek!


It was given to a Tetris fan by his sister and friends who left spaces so that he would have to solve the puzzle before cutting the cake. Very sweet!
More Here


A giant console! Apparently the groom is a big Nintendo fan…would never have guessed!

Of course its not just the grooms who love their games consoles…


Sometimes the couple love of computers equals their love for each other. The bride and grooms here have decided to go for traditional cakes with geek-inspired wedding toppers


photo credit


photo credit

Do you prefer paper to LCD? Snail mail to email? You wordy couples shouldn’t feel left out. There’s a wedding cake for all the types of geeks out there.


Get the cake here

This wedding cake inspired by the Discworld series of books by Terry Pratchett is incredible.


Kudos to the bride’s mum who made it.

My fiancé loves Star Wars. I wouldn’t let him have an ewok village wedding cake though.


There were 50 small chocolate cakes to serve as Ewok huts. Hans Solo and Princess Leia are on the bridge of the cake. The bride writes: “Mr. Hum was insistent on Han holding his blaster so he picked some fresh wildflowers from his father’s backyard for Leia to hold. Plus, he made the Ewoks all do silly celebratory dances which totally made me smile.” I love it!


The cutest geek cake ever?



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For my fiance’s 30th birthday recently I made a krispy kreme birthday cake with 60 doughnuts (and lots of candles and sparklers)! It was quite something and went down a storm. Homer Simpson would have been proud.

For the doughnut obsessed bride and groom why not have a doughnut cake instead of the traditional tiered wedding cake?






Here’s how to create a Krispy Kreme cake with instructions from the Krispy Kreme website:

The following instructions are based on using 2 dozen Original Glazed doughnuts and will result in formation of a ‘pyramid’ construction.

You will need a flat platter on which to assemble the cake:

Layer 1

1. Place six doughnuts in a ring formation
2. Fill in the space in the middle with one full doughnut
3. Cut one doughnut in pieces to fill any spaces in the first layer.
4. Place icing on top of this layer so it adheres to layer 2

Layer 2

5. Place five doughnuts on top of layer 1 again in a ring formation slightly inwards from the edge of layer 1
6. Place one doughnut inside the ring
7. If there are any gaps, cut a doughnut in pieces and place in the gaps

Remaining Layers

8. Keep layering in the same manner until you get to the crescent remembering to use one less doughnut in each layer to achieve the ‘pyramid’ effect and to bring the layer inward slightly from the edge of the lower layer.
9. Place one doughnut on top of the cake as the final layer.


10. Here is where you can let all your creativity flow. Melt chocolate and drizzle over the outside, pipe cream into any gaps, use fruits to decorate such as raspberries & strawberries or just shake some icing sugar over your cake.

You may choose to use our Chocolate Iced Sprinkled doughnuts to decorate, by putting icing on the bottom of the doughnuts and attaching to the outside of the cake.

Adding your personal touches makes the cake all the more special.
11. Eat and enjoy!

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