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I found an advert in a wedding magazine where the model had just the hair I was looking for – semi-formal but romantic and wavy (I have naturally straight hair) and that’s what I went for. The vintage bridal headpiece that I have blogged about previously and I wasn’t sure what to do with became the decoration in my hair. We carefully unclipped the wax flowers from the wiring and entwined them into my hair.


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The hairdresser who’s doing my wedding hair is a good friend of my fiancé. Obviously this has its advantages: she charges us ‘mate rates’ and she is coming as a guest to the wedding so will be able to check on the hair status every so often.

We had a couple of pictures of the hairstyle that I thought would look nice and I think our version came out really well. On the day we’re going to add more curls and twirls to the hair on the top and sides of my head to make it a little ‘messier’. I love the cascade of curls down the back too.




I can’t believe all that long hair is mine! My hair was short – and very blonde – a year ago!

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I found the perfect pictures of how I would like my hair to be styled for the wedding day! Sort of an up do and sort of not. Have met with my hairdresser and we’re having a hair trial in a couple of weeks. I look forward to having wavy hair. Always wanted curls as a kid!

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I found this 1920’s wax orange blossom wedding tiara in a vintage shop. I had toyed with the idea of buying one for a while but wasn’t sure if it would look too old fashioned. I saw a similar headpiece in a shop in London for £100 so couldn’t justify buying it too see if it worked. So when I came across this in Devon for £10 I snapped it up!


The headpiece which sits on top of your head like an alice band, came with an attached tulle veil but had tears and rips in it so I took it off.


Now I need to do some adaptation! The tiara is made of 3 wire ‘bands’. I could simplify that to one band, taking flowers of the other two bands and wrapping those across the other band that would go across my head.


The flowers are so pretty. I also thought I could ignore the headband idea all together and create a new hair piece using the flowers which could go to the back or side of my hair.

Maybe create something like this:



I love the way this bride-to-be wore her vintage headpiece on the back of her head



I guess how I wear my headpiece all depends on how I wear my hair. Or how I wear my hair all depends on how I wear my headpiece. Oh brother.

Any suggestions on how to customise my tiara (or how to wear my hair!) please post here!

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