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If anything the RSVP to this invitation is even cooler



Cute Winter wedding invite. From the website: “Using a vintage photograph of the old Central Park ice skating rink, with the word ‘imgine’ etched in the ice, the couple is skating to each other alluding to what might happen when they meet…”



Seen this on lots of blogs but think its so clever and brilliant it deserves a link.




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This is our front page and it will open up with more info inside. The font is not quite right but you get the general idea!

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yellow owl

Lovely winter stamps which would be great used on a winter wedding invitation

Buy at Yellow Owl Workshop

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Only by chance did I come across the phenomenon of video wedding invitations. It had never occurred to me that a wedding invite would be anything but paper and card. When you start thinking about the idea of a video invite you realise a great idea. They are quite practical as you can have separate DVD menus for different pieces of info such as how to get there, contact details etc. Its nice for the guests to hear your ‘real’ voice. And its a great opportunity to be inventive. Also the video can provide wedding guests with a lasting memento of the occasion.

I cannot even begin to imagine how long this first invite took to create. Truly a one-off!

Or have the both of you talk to camera. This video strikes just the right tone…

Or how about a invitation in the style of a black and white silent movie?

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