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We’ve bought my fiancé’s ring!


We went ring hunting in Hatton Garden a street in London full of jewellery shops. I wasn’t prepared for how many there were (too much choice!) and how expensive they’d be! The key to buying jewellery there is not to be afraid to haggle. We knocked a third off the price of the ring we bought.

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The postie delivered a nice parcel to me this morning: our ring bearer bowl from Paloma’s Nest.

New photos520

I’d long admired these bowls as featured on America blogs and in magazines so thought ‘why not’. Was not disappointed…its beautiful! It has already attracted admiring looks from a customer in my florist who spotted me opening the package. I went for the bowl which reads: the sun, the moon, the stars, for you.


I’m wondering what to do with it after the wedding. Framed perhaps? A place to hold jewellery? What do you think or if you’ve had your own what did you do?

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My fiancé and I went to a Big Department Store in the West End to look for our wedding rings. We’re still both unsure of what we want so this seemed like a good place to start. The lady at the jewellery counter thought I might have to get a bespoke ring made as my engagement ring is an unusual shape – I think its called a crossover ring. I found a photo on the net that’s quite similar to my own ring:


So I need to look for a ring that will fit…or get one made but that seems like it might be a bit of a hassle. Are any of you thinking or have had your wedding rings made?

Did see some lovely rings on the Green Wedding Shoes blog earlier in the week. Wouldn’t fit my ring at all though! But beautiful nevertheless. I thought the unusual groom’s ring with a plant design might be something my fiancé would like:


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The classic Tiffany-setting diamond engagement ring…but in acrylic. Go for clear or choose from ruby, black, pink, ivory, and bronze. At $10 its a bargain.

Spend the money you’ve saved on a ridiculously extravagant honeymoon!

Buy here

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Seven Weddings has joined Twitter! It is a kind of micro blogging where you say what you want to say or share the things you want to people in just a few strokes of the keyboard – 140 characters to be precise.

I like to use the ‘search’ option on twitter which searches through what everyone is tweeting in real time. It can make fascinating reading. Here’s what a search for ‘weddings’ came up with…

  • wedding anniversary today 3 years. At work
  • Never had a wedding or honeymoon! I TOTALLY feel left out! But you can plan a nice vacation and say it’s your honeymoon!
  • I found my missing wedding /engagement rings! hurrah!
  • I can and will find a damn dress for this wedding! May the force be with me!
  • dowry not less than 3.5K probably much more, plus wedding cost at 5 star hotel, plus furnishing a flat or a house…
  • New blog post: Was Jesus Encouraging Alocolism When He Turned Water To Wine At The Wedding At Cana?

Twitter can be a great way to have conversations with fellow brides. Come and follow me at

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