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The Victorian boots I bought were really scuffed so I scoured the internet to find London’s best cobbler (no easy task). I went to one of those recommended and he examined my boots and then told me that the leather itself had discoloured and the only way to get them white or cream was to paint over them! It seemed obscene to me to paint over 100 year old leather so I went to another cobblers to get a second opinion. It happened to be just around the corner from where I was living at the time and I’d read that they mended shoes sent to them by the major fashion houses. They took my boots promising to clean them but with no guarantee as to how they’d turn out. A nerve-tingling week later I went to collect them and hurrah they were like new!

They were one of my favourite things to wear at the wedding (and super comfortable) and I was so glad we managed to resurrect these beautiful boots.


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I’m not sure what I think about these Christian Louboutin flat shoes. I’ve never been a fan of patent leather and these seem at times garish and then quite chic.

But one things for sure, if shoes could speak these would say ‘take me on honeymoon to Paris please’.

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I’ve been looking for back-up emergency flats for the wedding just in case my boots become uncomfortable later in the night. I’d been looking for bridal or ivory shoes to go with the dress but didn’t see any I liked. Then it came to me: why don’t I wear some coloured shoes? Then I realised I could get dark blue velvet shoes that will tie in with my coat, my bouquet, the church pew ribbons and everywhere else we’ve used velvet.

Miu miu has a beautiful pair of blue velvet flats with a lovely bow at the front. Droooooool!


miu miu

Buy at Miu miu

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From now until the wedding I have decided to try and wear heels for at least a couple of hours a day. In my early 20s I was never parted from my chunky heeled boots. Then I started wearing more flat shoes and whenever I had to go anywhere in the city I would walk as I found it a great time to think (my trip to work is 50 minutes fast paced walk from my front door). So now when I wear heels it KILLS within about 2 hours and I can barely concentrate on conversation. Usually when this happens, I wear back up flats or go barefoot.

But for the wedding I want to be able to wear my boots for at least most of the day. So I am determined to ‘train’ my feet again hence practising in heels for a few hours daily. Anyone else worried about how their feet will feel on their wedding day or are you relying on adrenaline to pull you through?

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I’ve bee spring cleaning lately and trying to sort through two wardrobes of clothes and shoes. I hardly ever throw anything away so I thought it was about time to make clear some space. And with all that space what’s left to do but go and buy some new clothes (I can already hear the despairing voice of my fiancé shouting ‘Nooooo!’)?

There were lots of old clothing and shoe treasures that I’d forgotten about including these glorious gold heels I had bought in the sales years ago. I’ve never had any opportunity to wear them and it suddenly occurred to me what great wedding shoes they’d make.

I already have a pair of Victorian wedding boots that I adore but I’m going to try these shoes on with the dress just in case. Why can’t a bride have two pairs of shoes?!


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Today I was in the fitting room trying on a strappy dress to wear to a friend’s wedding on Saturday helped by a shop assistant. When I asked if there were any cardigans that went with the dress since it looked to be a chilly weekend she looked at me in horror and said “You can’t cover the dress! You’ll just have to be cold. You have to suffer to be beautiful.”

Well, as the years go by I’m less and less inclined to suffer! And I know that on my wedding day as much as I love my boots there will probably come a point when I want to change into some flat shoes.

And I found a beautiful pair today. A pair of Lanvin’s blush satin ballet flats. Simple but pretty and a perfect colour. They are available at net-a-porter


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