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Well its only been a couple of years since I last updated this blog…! We have moved house form city to countryside and now have a little daughter who’s about to turn one in a couple of days and is the love of our lives. I’m a bit rusty so forgive any mistakes I make but thought that people might (finally) like to see more of the details of the wedding and whether the plans I made worked out. I’ll post separate posts about different aspects of the wedding over the next few weeks.

Starting with…the dress!

I loved my dress so much, what bride doesn’t? After trying on dozens of dresses and having much fun in the process, I finally settled on Maggie Sottero ‘Harlow’. It was strapless so as I mentioned earlier in the blog some adjustments had to be made but the corset was very flattering and the beading and lace was beautiful.

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Bit of a random picture taken with my mums phone when I wasn’t expecting it, but it shows how we adapted the side of front of the dress. If you have read my earlier posts here and here, you’ll know I was worried about an over abundance of boobage. No longer! The clever spaghetti straps pull the dress up and give more support but are made pretty and soft with lots of tulle to make a cap sleeve. We added ribbon to the top of the dress for more coverage and used the same colour satin that is under the bust of my dress so it looks as if it were mean to be there.

Haven’t put any other photos here as don’t want to give it ALL away (hehe!) but am so incredibly happy with my dress and all the alternations mean its beyond what I had imagined.

So don’t lose hope if your dress needs some tweeking! It’ll all work out in the end promise!

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I went back to the wedding dress shop last week for my second dress fitting. If you have read my earlier post, you will remember that I was really worried as the dress didn’t look as good as I remembered it in when I first tried it on and there were quite a few problems to solve like my bosom and creating straps for my strapless dress, as well as issues with back fat. Eck! Let’s just say I wasn’t entirely happy with the dress and got a tad concerned about it. So much so that I moved my dress fitting forward by a week and had come up with a few suggestions for the seamstress.

I loved the straps she’d made from the spare ivory ribbon on my dress. But our main concern that there was too much flesh on show at the front of my dress even with straps pulling it up. It looked too sexy and so we decided to add something to the dress to give it more height. We tried a pleated tulle. It just looked completely wrong with the dress: it seemed too hard and regimented.


We tried a little tulle bolero with it which i thought looked nice but still didn’t solve the problem of the front of the dress.

Then we tried a softer option of putting tulle which wasn’t bad but ended up looking like I was trying to hide something (which I was).


My suggestion was to match the ribbon under my bust with a ribbon at the top of the dress.


I have made another appointment for next week to see if this works after the seamstress temporarily attaches the ribbon to the dress.

I left the shop feeling much more positive about my dress!

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Filmed in New York…I can’t believe they made the bride sit on a toilet!

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I should start by saying two things about this post. Firstly I felt compelled to write partly to get things of my chest (a very apt phrase as you’ll discover reading on) and with the thought that maybe it will help someone else. Secondly I never wanted to write about my dress on my blog. I kinda felt it was a bit too personal and private to share with the World Wide Web.

Writing this I hope is therapeutic as I have been worrying an awful lot!

When I first looked around for dresses I did everything sensibly. I took my time, went to quite a few shops, listened to the advice of the shop assistants, tried on every style of dress and took my mum for a second opinion. I tired on lots of dresses I loved from big poofy affairs that I was surprised to find I loved to mermaid styles. Eventually though I realised that lace was the look I was after: Its very ‘me’ – I’ve an old fashioned romantic at heart. We went to a bridal shop near my mums with a wide selection of lace dresses and none were quite right. Then the assistant suggested I try on one that she particularly liked which I wouldn’t have picked out for myself. It was a light gold colour not ivory as I thought I would go for and it had flowers at the bustline (I don’t like too many ‘add-ons’ to my clothes). The dress was the sample size 8 and I am a size 12 so I didn’t think I’d be able to try the dress at all. But low and behold I managed to get into it and then the assistant held it at the back. Wow, it was the first dress that left both my mum and I speechless. The lace was one of the most beautiful I’d seen with an amazing train. The fabric has small sparkles in it that glistened as I walked (just imagine it by candlelight). And the colour instead of looking like a brash gold, made the lace look more ‘antiquey’ and less new. It gave me an amazing shape and my bust, which I had worried about as I am buxom young lady, seemed to become a seamless part of the dress. Even the flowers looked good.

We went away and then a few weeks later came back to try on the dress. We still loved it and so ordered it straight away. That was in May and then we had to wait till September for it to be delivered.

A couple of weeks ago I got the call to say the dress had arrived and so I went joined by mum and future mum-in-law to go for the first fitting. When I tried on the dress all there was breast. Mountains and mountains of breast it seemed to me. Argh what had happened. The bust area had fitted so well before and now my boobs were too exposed. Mum and I then realised that because the assistant had been holding the dress so tight against my body in the smaller size that it wasn’t a realistic impression of what it would look like in my size. The bust can be taken in a little at the side seams. And we’re going to need some sort of strap to pull the front up so my breasts are more supported. I’m hoping this solves most of the issues but can’t be sure yet. Here’s what the dress would look like with me holding it up…

will don't look!

And the train…


I have to wait till the end of October to see what ideas the seamstress comes up with. She thought maybe a cap sleeve made of tulle with the satin strap attached to the side for support.

Another problem though that has been playing on my mind since I tried on the dress is that when I’m strapped very tightly into the dress I have more support but I get the dreaded back fat crease eck! What bride wants back fat?! So I’ve come up with a few more ideas for dress adaptations. I thought of maybe a shrug made of lace or tulle that would cover my front and back similar to this



Mine would probably have to be plainer as I have so much going on with the lace. We could also go with something similar that wasn’t a shrug but attached to the inside of the dress.

Or my mum suggested adding a ruffled ribbon to the top of the dress perhaps with ruffled straps too.

I’d be very grateful for any further suggestions and ideas.

Its a horrible feeling not fully confident about your wedding dress as there’s so much pressure to look perfect on your wedding day. Sent me into a bit a mini panic that involved me considering a quick diet (I love food to much to have ever considered dieting in the past) and a whole change of dress. Till I realised that I feel comfortable and brilliant as I am and that the dress will be adapted to work for me. I love my dress really – I just want the top half to be as fabulous as the bottom!

To any buxom ladies who are starting to look for their dress. Remember what I said about trying on the wrong size. It might not give you the right impression of how it will look on your bust when its in your size. I have since found a great website with tips on how to choose a strapless dress if you are busty. Among the ideas are: Bend over and sit down in the dress. Does it still look nice on you? Everything pushes up when you sit in a dress. The neckline should be high enough that you “feel comfortable” in it and not constantly pulling it up. Read the whole article here

Phew, feel a little better letting that all out!

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My future mum-in-law is amazing. Not only is she making our wedding cake, she’s also making me a wedding coat. She received the pattern from America a while back and after a few adjustments, she’s finished the mock-up of the top half of the coat. It fits like a dream – its such a pleasure and privilege having a piece of clothing made-to-measure. I can’t wait till we go shopping for the coat fabric and buttons.

She also made her beautiful medieval-inspired wedding dress herself which sits in a glass cabinet in the hallway of my fiancé’s parents home.



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This bride had her and her fiancé’s initials embroidered on the inside of her wedding dress…I think this idea is very sweet.

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