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I had a lot of fun picking out all the flowers for the wedding. My bouquet and the bridemaids bouquet were the only ones we had made professionally. The rest of the flowers in the church and at the reception my mum made herself in a flower frenzy the night before the wedding. We probably did save money but I’m not sure my mum would agree the stress was worth it!

I would love to tell you all the flowers that were in my bouquet but to be honest I can’t remember! I asked for deep reds and dusky whites and wild flowers. I also gave the florist a strip of blue velvet fabric from my coat which she wrapped around the stems and pinned in place with pearl pins.

I asked for blue anemones for the bridesmaids bouquets. The florist was reluctant to use them as they tend to droop within a few hours of being out of water but I have to say these stayed beautiful for the whole day and looked amazing.

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I’ve found the bridesmaids dresses! And surprisingly without effort. I was hunting around for a suitable dress for the next three weddings I have to go to and I came across the perfect bridesmaid dress in Coast.


It’s a relief as most of the bridemaids dresses I’ve seen have been all too…bridesmaidy. This is long, sexy and the right shade of blue. My two oldest friends from Secondary (High) School are my bridesmaids. They’re going to look gorgeous!

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It’s been difficult to explain the third colour in our colour scheme: not quite pink, not quite red, not really purple. We’ve tended to call it magenta. Walking into a accessories shop to buy something for a friends wedding I found a flower headband thats exactly the colour we’ve been trying to describe! So I bought it so when people ask what about our wedding colours instead of ummm-ing and er-ing I can just show them the flower

Its the colour we plan to use as a highlight in bridesmaids flowers and table centrepieces.



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Here’s a game to play at a Hen weekend. Much more fun than pinning the tail on the donkey!

The best game I’ve played at a Hen weekend has been a Mr & Mrs type game or How well does the bride know the groom. Before the hen party, the bridemaids ask the groom a series of personal questions. At the hen party the Hen is asked the questions and if she gives the same answer, then she nominates someone to drink a shot or do a forfeit, if she gets it wrong then its her that has to do the forfeit or drink. The questions can be as naughty or as innocent as you like!

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I’d like my bridesmaids to have dark blue dresses and came across this great image of many bridemaids in blue!


This is the nearest I’m found to the kind of dress I’m looking for. But since it will be winter I want to find full-length dresses otherwise I fear my bridesmaids will be as blue as their dresses!


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