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Odd but very cute!



From Janice and JD’s wedding taken by Kim Fox

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Only by chance did I come across the phenomenon of video wedding invitations. It had never occurred to me that a wedding invite would be anything but paper and card. When you start thinking about the idea of a video invite you realise a great idea. They are quite practical as you can have separate DVD menus for different pieces of info such as how to get there, contact details etc. Its nice for the guests to hear your ‘real’ voice. And its a great opportunity to be inventive. Also the video can provide wedding guests with a lasting memento of the occasion.

I cannot even begin to imagine how long this first invite took to create. Truly a one-off!

Or have the both of you talk to camera. This video strikes just the right tone…

Or how about a invitation in the style of a black and white silent movie?

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Today is the 25th anniversary of Tetris. To celebrate here are a selection of wedding cakes made out of pure geek!


It was given to a Tetris fan by his sister and friends who left spaces so that he would have to solve the puzzle before cutting the cake. Very sweet!
More Here


A giant console! Apparently the groom is a big Nintendo fan…would never have guessed!

Of course its not just the grooms who love their games consoles…


Sometimes the couple love of computers equals their love for each other. The bride and grooms here have decided to go for traditional cakes with geek-inspired wedding toppers


photo credit


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Do you prefer paper to LCD? Snail mail to email? You wordy couples shouldn’t feel left out. There’s a wedding cake for all the types of geeks out there.


Get the cake here

This wedding cake inspired by the Discworld series of books by Terry Pratchett is incredible.


Kudos to the bride’s mum who made it.

My fiancé loves Star Wars. I wouldn’t let him have an ewok village wedding cake though.


There were 50 small chocolate cakes to serve as Ewok huts. Hans Solo and Princess Leia are on the bridge of the cake. The bride writes: “Mr. Hum was insistent on Han holding his blaster so he picked some fresh wildflowers from his father’s backyard for Leia to hold. Plus, he made the Ewoks all do silly celebratory dances which totally made me smile.” I love it!


The cutest geek cake ever?



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Great photo of the bride and groom at the ceremony with the priest just visible in the background. This unique perspective makes for a great shot and was captured by Australian photographer Jonas Peterson. His photos are fantastic – check him out!

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Yes it might make your guests nauseous but it would be a hard hearted individual who didn’t smile when they heard this.


I’ll Be There by Louise Cuddon

I’ll be there, my darling,
Through thick and through thin
When your mind is a mess
When your head’s in a spin
When your plane’s been delayed
When you’ve missed the last train
When life is just threatening
To drive you insane
When your thrilling whodunit
Has lost its last page
When somebody tells you
You’re looking your age
When your coffee’s too cool
And your wine too warm
When the forecast said ‘Fine’
But you’re out in a storm
When you ordered the Korma
But got the Madras
When you wake in the night
And are sure you smell gas
When your quick-break hotel
Is more like a slum
And your holiday photos
Show only your thumb
When you park for five minutes
In a resident’s bay
And return to discover
You’ve been towed away
When the jeans that you bought
In hope or in haste
Stick on your hips
And won’t reach around your waist
When the dentist looks into
Your mouth and just sighs
When your heroes turn out
To be wimps in disguise
When the food that you most like
Brings you out in red rashes
When as soon as you boot up
The bloody thing crashes
When you’re in extra time
And the other team scores
When someone informs you
There’s no Santa Claus
When you gaze at the stars
And step on a nail
When you know you’ll succeed
But, somehow, you fail
When your horoscope tells you
You’ll have a good day
So you ask for a rise
And your boss says ‘No way’
So my darling, my sweetheart, my dear….
When you spill your beer
When you shed a tear
When you burn the toast
When you miss the post
When you lose the plot
When I’m all you’ve got
When you break a rule
When you act the fool
When you’ve got the flu
When you’re in a stew
When you’re last in the queue
Don’t feel blue
‘Cause I’m telling you
I’ll be there
I’ll be there
I’ll be there for you

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When my fiance’s friends got married last year, I bought my camera with me to take lots of photos of the day to give to the newlyweds to add to their collection. I recently looked again at the pictures and spotted something I hadn’t previously: their wedding topper.


If you want something a little different from the usual formal bride and groom wedding topper why not choose something with a bit more of a sense of humour?


Or something with a little more va-va-voom?



Or for the geek in your life how about his own wedding topper?


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There’s lots of cute additions you can take on your honeymoon. All completely frivolous and so unnecessary but isn’t that the point!

Exhibit number 1:



Passport holders by Mimi Berry

Exhibit number 2:


Day-of-the-week knickers by Stella McCartney

Exhibit number 3:


Smythson Honeymoon Recollections notebook. Note: this should be blank by the time you get back from your honeymoon as you’re too busy doing stuff.

Exhibit Number 4:


Also from Smythson

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