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Dana LaRue of Broke Ass Bride and her fiancé created this really funny video to play at their reception…Lovin’ the wedding rap!


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The ending of When Harry met Sally: Even if you’ve seen this countless times watch it again and I bet you’ll smile!

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Only by chance did I come across the phenomenon of video wedding invitations. It had never occurred to me that a wedding invite would be anything but paper and card. When you start thinking about the idea of a video invite you realise a great idea. They are quite practical as you can have separate DVD menus for different pieces of info such as how to get there, contact details etc. Its nice for the guests to hear your ‘real’ voice. And its a great opportunity to be inventive. Also the video can provide wedding guests with a lasting memento of the occasion.

I cannot even begin to imagine how long this first invite took to create. Truly a one-off!

Or have the both of you talk to camera. This video strikes just the right tone…

Or how about a invitation in the style of a black and white silent movie?

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Yummmmmmm, here’s a pastry that would look beautiful on a wedding candy table.

I would love some beautiful macaroons from French bakery Ladurée at my own wedding. They come in a rainbow of pastel colours and many different flavours among which are orange blossom, cherry amaretto, pistachio and, most intriguingly, lily-of-the-valley.




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Stop salivating!

These macaroons remind me of the pretty and extravagant tables of pastries of all kinds in Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette.



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And the most unlikeliest films! I was watching The Deer Hunter (1978) and there’s an excellent bar scene where the drinkers start singing to ‘Can’t take my eyes off of you’ (the version by Frankie Valli) playing over the jukebox. It occurred to me what a brilliant song it would make for a First Dance. My fiance and I have already picked our first dance song (I’m not telling you, it’s a secret!) but I’ll definitely make sure this makes it to the wedding reception playlist. A real feel good song!

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